How to make Folder & Category system work?

I’ve requested and suggested ways that MarginNote change its Folder & Category system. But I’m trying to find hack solutions to organize files.

As part of that, I want to create subject categories and sub-categories (e.g., Fruit -> Oranges ; Bananas ; Peaches ), and priorities (e.g., High, Medium, Low) – and I want to ensure that all of this can sync between MacOS and iOS platforms.

Also, ideally, I’d love for there to be a way to be able to see files intersect between subject categories & sub-categories and priorities – so that I can see sub-categories by their level of urgency (e.g. Oranges + High).

If this cannot be accomplished through MN’s existing Folder & Category system, what would other users suggest as a hack solution?


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I’m in totally agreement with this post, and have been yearning for MarginNote to upgrade their Folder and Category approach. Many of us have.

In lieu of any immediate solution (or rather, a solution to this that @jprint and others asked for long ago), I’m also wondering what kind of “hack” or workaround solution other users (or even @marginnote / @Support-Team ) would recommend.

Many thanks for any help you could provide.