How to make title sizes the SAME

When making a mind map and adding titles to my nodes, the sizing of said title seems to be randomly decided by the app and there is no way to change it. This results in messy looking mind maps and it really bothers me.

Is there any way to edit the title size? What determines the title size?


Currently we can’t change font size or any font setting of titles. (As well as no default title font size setting)
Because of this reason I usually don’t use titles for nodes.
You can consider about using comments instead of titles.

Thank you for your response!
I hope they can at least add an option to keep all the title sizes the same, even if not customizable.

I use titles in order to have a clean outline consisting of text and not images or handwritten notes, so unfortunately using comments wouldn’t meet my needs.

I hope they will consider fixing the issue!