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My current project already contains 47 PDF documents and it is not unlikely that there will be twice as many or more. These include works with several hundred pages and also (additional) various webpages (not websites) imported directly from the web. I try to summarize certain categories of excerpts first in ChildMaps, within the ChildMaps I then combine mind map trees in the branch style “framework” (different background colors). Sometimes I just want to group some excerpts with a rectangle. But MN then creates (unwanted) a complete new Child-Childmap.
Often I add a new excerpt and have to search, where MN has put this on the screen.
How would you organize source documents in large projects?
I’m losing track.

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Amazing, I don’t have as many files to manage as you, you can refer to my operation in the video, I hope it’s helpful to you.

Thanks for your video. It seems that you are organizing the notes comparable to me (from childmaps to grouping per frameworks). I use “rearrange” very often too, because growing trees cover their neighbours instead of pushing them to the side.
But what I think would be useful is a possibility to fix some frameworks in their position, because then the user could order his notes in an additional own manner (for example main works on the left, on top of each other, others less importants or extensive on the right top, notes only explaining some keywords on the right bottom). With the order “rearrange” often the notes change their positions totally and you are losing track only searching and hopefully finding them.

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You are right. It would be great if we can find the location of the notes more quickly. Let’s explore what a good way to do it.

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Support Team

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