How to remove a note from a Mindmap?


Hi, is there a way to remove a note from a Mindmap (without deleting it in the document)?

BTW, MN is awesome on so many levels, wow, thank you for such great taste in designing something so very functional for active reading!


Hi there, thanks for the comment and here is the how-to regarding your question:

  1. In your mindmap section, instead of selecting a note directly(with the pop-up tool menu). Hit the Select Button situated on the bottom left corner.
  2. Then choose the note or notes you want to delete from this mindmap/.
  3. In the center-bottom menu, there is the “…/Remove from MindMap”. It will remove the notes from the mindmap/study notebook while retaining them in its default document notebook.
    Attached is a screenshot for your reference if needed.

Support Team


Super happy to learn there’s a solution, thanks!


Yeah, this feature is well hidden but it is there.
That 3-step method works for 1 note and >1.
If you have multiple notes to remove, might as well skip Step 1 aka use the Select button first.