How to revoke license from old machines - version 2.7.17

Hi everyone!
I’m still using old and trusty MarginNote X version 2.7.17.

I have replaced a couple of older more or less broken mac mini’s, and want to reinstall MarginNote on a 2010 Mac Pro (High Sierra).
I am running into problem of “Registration count exceed the limit”

How can I revoke licenses from the old machines?
Is there a way to revoke all licenses so I can start counting while re-adding to machine that I really use?

Thank you for helping out!


Hello, you need to send us the activation code to help you restore it.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Hello, thank you for your reply.
I have forwarded mail with purchase info, lic. name and key.

Thanks for helping out!

Hello, I have sent you a copy of the mail that I received when I purchased my license of MarginNote X on February 3rd 2021 but have had no reply since. Could you please look into this? Mail was sent to

Thank you.


Hello, which is your email address?

Kind Regards,
Support Team

This is my email address:

Thank you for helping out,
Kind regards,

Erwin Panen