How to speed up Marginnote

hello all,

I am a heavy user (I think) on Marginnote3 I.e. I have 15 mind maps that each have between 800 and 1500 notes in them, most of which are excerpts from texts or excerpted pictures from text. I know these are large files so inevitably there’s going to be some lag and slow response times when working with such large documents (for reference I use MN3 on my iPad Pro gen3 512gb, MBP2019 13 touuchbar, and 2010 Mac mini 4,1 (upgraded to 8gb RAM and 500Gb 3GSSD drive). im noticing on the Mac mini that since upgrading the hard drive the response times are improved but still leaves room for improvement. Im curious to know what part of the computer is most important for speed when working with large files in MN3 like this (Im not sure if this is a RAM heavy process or if its a storage/harddrive heavy process).

I defragment the database on all devices at least 1x everyday to try and keep things running smoothly and I also defrag after major syncs, but as I said above its still a little slower than id like. I have the ability to increase the minis ram from 8GB to 16GB but I wanted to see if this would have a significant/noticeable impact on the apps performance. similarly I can exchange the optical drive in the mini and put in another SSD but I doubt this would improve the performance of this app. so I figured id reach out to you guys to see what you think I can do software and hardware wise to improve app performance.

Thank you
-Papi Gordo

Hello. Could you please take a screenshot or record a video of the operation that describes your situation in detail, such as the specific CPU occupancy value or how smooth it is during operation?