How to stop the linked note box appearing

Just starting out with marginotes:
I’ve created a link from a mindmap node to a excerpt in a document.

How do as stop the linked note box from appearing?

Additionally, I actually only wanted to create a link from one doc to another with no mind map node - is this possible? Something similar to the liquid text draw/link function.

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Hi, Jay.
Don’t you want the link to appear in the comments section of the card? It can turn off the display here.


Hi Edward,
I want the link to appear on the card but a box pops up showing the linked notes. I don’t want the box to appear.
See photo



Do you mean that you need "The linked notes" window and not the link shown in the note card? Or do you not want "The linked notes" to appear either?

In the former case, you can turn off the display link and open the note editing window. The linked notes in the note editing window can be clicked to open the "The linked notes" window.

Kind Regards,
Support Team