How to sync/export Notebooks between Mac and iPad

Hi. I’m an MN3 newbie so forgive me is this is a huge rookie question. I’m working on MarginNote and have it all saved on iCloud. However, I was working on a Notebook in my Mac, and it doesn’t appear in my iPad. Aren’t notebooks supposed to sync between devices? Am I missing something?

If they are not supposed to sync, can they be exported so that I can work on it in an iPad and viceversa?

Thanks for your help!

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Actually there is a sync button at the down left settings button. As I experienced and understand MN syncs the notebooks and documents to icloud CLOUD and you can download them from there selectively.
Also, hands off function only once worked for me on the mac yet it is not stable I must say

You need to also check in both Mac and iPad settings that you want to use syncing with iCloud.
I remember that iPad version probably doesn’t sync by default, but I could be mistaken