How to use MN3 in windows

I think there are many guys have an ipad and a laptop with windows.And we all know that MN3 is wonderful but only wonderful in apple’s systems.The best choice is choosing mac or macbook as your company,well,too expensive for someone like me(and I like games,so…).Poor makes people thinking(joking never mind :smirk:),and I tried varies methods to use MN3 in my win laptop:

  • black apple(I don’t konw its exactly name in english)
    It’s a new system like maoos,linux,winxp,win7 or so on.You can figure out how to install it in your computer,I have down it before ,and I can tell you it’ll bother you for 2-3weeks averagely,beacuse it’s complicated,I advice you ask your friends in IT or a hacker to help you.(in China ,you can call for help in taobao :rofl:).I have remove it from my computer now because I find a more useful method (I’ll talk it
    later).For my experience in using it,I think it;s engough for us to use MN3,some function can’t be used like a integrated macos,but just as I say,it’s enough to use MN3 fluently.You can find method to install a proper black apple for your computer in google or some forums,good luck!

  • virtual machine
    Compare to the black apple----a new system ,the virtual machine is more like a application !A computer can only open one system when you use but 2 applications can exist in the meantime,it’s the biggest difference between them.You can use the"Vmware" to realize it
    the course to install it is a lot in google or baidu,so I don’t introduce it here.After you install it ,you will have a application that can open a macos system(depend on what system you install,there many versions),and you can use MN3 in this system in this application

    (I have 2 displayer ,the left is the “virtual” macos)
    In this system ,you can use MN3 in freedom,but truly,the experience is far from macbook,it’s not very fluetly,but you can use “beamoff” in github to get some improvement.
    Most suprisely, you can drag file from the major system(wins)to the "virtual"macos,

    it’s very efficiency if you have something exist in windows!For some files very big,drag it to the "virtual"macos is fastererer(very faster) than download it again.

In a word, if you can bear the unfluently of the "virtual"macos the VMware is the best choice;If you can’t,and don’t have so much money,black is better,but it’s complex,be careful!(I advice you make back-up beforehand.);The macbook or imac is the best choice if you can afford it! :wink:

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