I can't use Pro version though I already have bought marginote3

I am using a marginote3 in Mac and iPad both. I already bought marginote 3 in iPad and Mac both ( education discount for mac), so I am able to use the marginote4 Pro mode in my iPad but it doesn’t work on the mac. It keeps prompting me to either purchase Max or use the reading mode only. However, since I have already bought Marginote 3 (iPad and mac both!), I should be able to use the Pro mode on mac.
Interestingly, I used to be able to use Marginote 4 Pro on my Mac without any problems. However, all of a sudden, it stopped working. Furthermore, even after clicking on ‘restore purchase,’ nothing happens.

What you had working was the free trial. The MN company has not released an upgrade path for those of us who bought the DMG (direct download) version. They have said that it is on the way.

Think what you will about this very unconventional business decision but the only thing I can recommend is patience.

You won’t get an accurate timeline if you ask, though they’ve given a figure of no more than 3 months a few weeks ago, so this means 2 months (ish) at most now? Nobody really knows.


DMG version needs to wait until development is finished

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I do hope that this development includes some measure of recompense to those direct purchasers who are compelled to wait while App Store people enjoy the new release.

Particularly since some of those, like our OP here likely already have invested some effort into MN4’s trial version and are now forced back to the earlier release.