I don't want to hide things that I highlighted in recall mode

I am using MN3 and I update it to MN4

I use highlighter for emphasize something I want.
Sometimes, I highlight whole sentence.

In recall mode, I find that whole sentences or whole features that I highlighted is hidden.
I want to hide things that I only cloze, and I don’t want to hide things that I highlighted.
Is it possible?

I don’t use recall mode but I went there and found this menu in the top right corner of a study set. Does that have what you want in it? Sorry if I didn’t understand your needs, I just stumbled into this menu and remembered your question.

Wow. That is exactly what I want!
But I can’t find the menu you posted.
Could you explain me how to fine it?
Thank you a lot :smile:

Go to the card set that you want to study. Once that is on screen, there should be a “…” menu in the top-right corner (both the Mac and iPad have this, I checked). That “…” opens this menu when clicked/tapped.