I just had a great customer experience with support

They were very quick and dealt with an issue and code to my complete satisfaction. I thought I was going to be in for a difficult journey based on the posts I read and being a newcomer … I just wrote a well explained issue and made sure that I stated that I was very unhappy with the experience so far having paid for the app … and they moved very quickly to resolve it.

Thankyou Support at MN


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@Louis Thanks very much for your affirmation and encouragement. I thought there are misunderstandings between us and a fraction of the users. Since our main Support is cross-linguistic, some technique exposition may not clear. @Rebs

Some kind of questions/feature requests need time to locate the reason or research implementation.MN has a little but passionate Development Team. We devs slow but firmly.

It is more welcomed to share any skills and experience with MN than complain about its weakness. That’s the meaning of Forum. And I will make a Wiki project powered by the Forum. Wiki project will be released soon, looking forward to your participation in the future.:slightly_smiling_face:

Support Team

I hope you understand that many of the users here aren’t just spouting off criticisms or weaknesses, as you put it, with MarginNote; rather, we’ve been lending criticism and suggested solutions to make it a much better product for all involved.