I would like to hide a word during recall mode written by my hand


Nice to meet you^^
I have a question.
Is there anyway to hide what I wrote on PDF file during recall mode?
I usually use recall mode when I read my school material again, and if I can hide important key words which was typed by keyboard or written by apple pencil, that will be helpful.
If you know the way to do, could you please let me know?
Thank you.

You can use a highlighter among pencil tools.
If you paint a highlighter on top of the letter you want to cover and turn on the recall mode, the highlighter becomes opaque.



Yes! That's exactly what we recommend!

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Support Team

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Thank you very much!
I will use it from now on for reading!!
This is really nice!

Thank you very much for comment!!
I really appreciate your supports!
I also have another question regarding of this question.
Can we also create recalling card based on highlighter?For example if we highlight something and it can be a question in the decks.
But I appreciate you so much so far!
Both of you are the best!


At this stage - I am afraid not.

But this is a very good suggestion. We might have a look at it in the future.

Kind Regards,
Support Team