iCloud log-in error

I’m a new user who just bought the iPad version of MarginNote3.
I’m enjoying it but I get an error “Not signed in to iCloud” every time I try to back up.
I really need to have my notes backed up as they are important for my work.
After googling, I see the suggestion to make sure MarginNote3 is enabled in the iCloud settings, I tried this and it did not work.
I’ve logged out and back in for my iCloud, closed the app, restarted the iPad, etc. and always get the same error.
Please help.


Hello, here we suggest you try the following operations in turn to fix this problem.

1. Check whether the marginote option of icloud and the icloud cloud disk option in the settings have been turned on

2. Restart the device

3. Log in to icloud again

4. Reinstall marginote 3 after backup

If the problem is still not solved, please contact us again.

Kind Regards,
Support Team