Icloud storage bug

i am using MN4 on ipad only and have upgraded from MN3 and purchased MN4 max, I am directed to keep MN3 copy for verification purpose, which i later upgraded to max (lifetime) purchase as this has been my study buddy.

now the problem is i have run out of my icloud storage. because i have to keep both MN3 and MN4. becauise of which my sync has been diabled in MN4

my i cloud storage lists 3 folders namely

  1. Marginstudy (MN4 icon) = 28.5GB
  2. Easy (MN3 icon) + 9.6GB
  3. Marginnote 3 = 17.6GB

my total storage in icloud plan is 50 GB … u know there is some bug as above mentioned folders are larger than total storage plan. pereviously this was just a visual thing till MN3 was alone, but now its eaten through my storage space. which indicates i have over 96% documents among my storage files on icloud.

how do i fix it?

i have icloud sttings enabled for MN3. should i disable those? and should i delete both the folders namely “easy” and ”marginnote 3” to clear up space? by doing so do i risk losing some of my files? i transfered my data fro MN3 to MN4 using the options.

tke a look at my storage of ipad, MN3 is 52GB, while MN4 is just 23 GB…. should i delete MN3 related icons from my icloud?

also look at the 3 folders i mentioned above in incloud in given below 2 screenshots

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This doesn’t sound like a bug to me. You’ve simply run out of storage space.

If you no longer need mn3 docs/notebooks in iCloud, then I’d recommend to:

  • disable iCloud for mn3 notebooks/documents
  • delete everything in the mn3 folder on iCloud

Step 1 is needed so that after deleting from iCloud the data isn’t reuploaded by MN3.

MN3 actually duplicates synced documents to the iCloud folder. After deleting them in iCloud, they will still be available in the application.

Maybe create a backup anyway though, to be on the safe side.

Or if you no longer want to use mn3 and just use mn4 instead, you could just remove mn3 including all data.

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thanks for the response, i just plan to using MN4 but i was advised to keep its copy instaalled for verification purposes even after upgrading to MN4 by the prompt that i got while availaing the upgrade discount(MN 4 plus was a free upgrade).

so i think i cant remove the app including all the data.

I have disabled icloud option fro MN3 in icloud.

Now i want to pull the trigger and delete “marginnote 3” and “easy” folder in icloud. but i am unfimilar with the process of backing up from icloud. So even if i back it up, there wont be anyway to put it back up in cloud. wierd apple ecosystem.

im gonna start with marginnote 3 deletion, what do you suggest regarding “easy” folder

If you already have all the data you need in mn4 and are not going to be using mn3 at all, then it should be fine to just delete all documents and notebooks from within mn3.

This should also clear the mn3 iCloud folder.

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thanks for the feedback, that fixed my cloud storage problems :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome