Icloud sync : Notes missing!


When I sync a Marginnote file with Icloud I do not find my notes.

Can someone tell me the way to do it ?

Thank you

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This really needs to be fixed

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Please check to see if iCloud is turned on for file and laptop synchronization (if it is turned on, it will show a :cloud: at the bottom); then select iCloud from the more in the bottom left corner of the main interface, enter the synchronization interface, see if there are any errors, if there are errors, try to turn off the corresponding iCloud switch, try again in 30 seconds; if it shows that it is downloading, then please be patient: make sure that the connection is smooth WI-FI, stay in the iCloud synchronization interface, make sure that the device is always on, turn on the power charger; you can also try to restart the device or restore the network settings, we are optimizing the synchronization function, we expect 3.7~3.8 version to improve, also the handoff function can achieve transmission, airdrop can also try ~

I experienced a similar problem … I added documents to MarginNote3 on my Mac laptop and they would not appear on my iPad. Despite having iCloud syncing turned on. They were listed in the “Documents Synced” (main MarginNote3 window -> … -> Cloud Sync) window on my Mac, but not on the iPad. I finally opened up the Files app on the iPad and navigated to the MarginNote3 directory. For a moment I did not see the new files, but then they started downloading from iCloud in the Files app! After that, they appeared in MarginNote3.

So it looks like checking the MarginNote3 directory in the Files app can trigger a sync if it doesn’t seem to be happening.

Hopefully this is useful.

Thanks a lot but my issue was the notes missing, not the file itself.

I also have the same problem. The pdf is syncing but the notes are not. The pdf downloads to the iPad without any notes or annotations. I have tried both importing and selecting from the files app and the notes do not transfer either way. That is a critical feature for me.

Same here. Notes are missing. Also the mind map that we created isn’t there which is crucial …because whole point of using MN3 is mind map and flash cards…and weren’t supposed to get it then… I don’t know how would this help…

Please look into this matter iCloud syncing with all notes and flash cards as it is …is the most important thing then anything else if one wants to see this app scale up…

And big thing is, I don’t understand after so many customers having the same problem,
So Many complaining not just on margin note forum but also on the App Store …for a such a long time of more than 6 months minimum and yet… there is no improvement, why!!!

After every update, they improve many other things but not this…

I mean seriously, I don’t understand what is the developer and technical support team thinking here. Like there are many threads going on in the marginnote forum only about syncing problem…and they are seeing that Problem for a long time but why they are developing other things in the app and not the basic one …the most important one i would say in this era …that is providing “Sync support”…and Also the best of quality “sync support”
Because copying and pasting everything in iCloud is not a solutions to syncing, Because that takes away great chunk of time in anyone’s studies

How one is supposed to work in this digital era without being able to transfer data to other devices?and for that good quality syncing must work perfectly, Especially when this is the educational app where syncing is the utmost of importance for studies.

Seriously, Please do take some steps in this matter now.

I am adding this complaint in every syncing error related thread just to make sure this gets into attention of technical support and the developer.

Hello, because the current slow synchronization problem is caused by the fragmentation of notebooks, we will achieve it by re-adjusting the data storage structure, so we need to adjust and optimize the big version such as 3.7~3.8, we are very concerned about the synchronization problem, we will gradually adjust between 3.7~3.8 versions.