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Is there a way to import and create flashcards from a text file in the following format ?





Haha~ I wonder if you are also a science student.

I am a math major and always use MN3 to create flashcards. If you want to make flashcards in the format you have mentioned, I’d like to share my card making method as well as my workflow with you.

1.When you find a good exercise and intend to review it in the next few days.You can firstly excerpt the whole question by using the selection tool. Similarly, then excerpt the answer text and make some other answer cards.

2.After finishing the first step, drag these answer cards and make them become the children of the question card.

3.Merge the answer cards into the question card in order. Congratulations! you successfully make a flashcard with format “Question Answer”.

4.Finally, just add the card to card deck, you can review it and export to Anki. (PS: MN3 also provides a convenient way to add cards to card deck automatically. You can find the switch in the excerpt settings.)

Here are some pictures to promote your understanding.

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If you are still confused, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

MN Support Team

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Thanks but I knew how to do that.
I have a whole serie of questions that it would take too long to enter them one by one.
Most Flashcards apps allow to create Flashcards from a text file that has multiple questions in it.
I take it, this is not an option ?