[import lead to mindmap overlap] Is there a way to automate rearrange after every mind map edit?

I love Marginnote for its versatility but it sometimes lacks a better UI and things have to be done manually all the time, which is somewhat tiring.

When I import multiple documents in one mind map, Sometimes things will overlap and make it ugly. Thankfully, there is ‘rearrange’ button that makes everything clean but now I have to click it every time I make a long addition to some mind map nodes and it seems like there is definitely room for improvement.

Sometimes it is needed to let people arrange things manually to their personal tastes. I get that. But some people like me just want a clean rearrangement without having to click ‘rearrange’ every time. IT would be nice to have an option for that. It’s just a toggle for the already existing feature so it wouldn’t be too challenging development-wise but it will definitely boost up Marginnote’s usability.

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Hi koreader,

You got a very good solution to solve overlap problems.
That’s also an inspiration for me to solve some overlap reports.

Your suggestions will be considered in the new simplified and more Automatic Interaction Design for MN 4.0. Thanks again!

Support Team

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MN 4.0 !
Can’t wait. MN takes up to 90% of my screen time so MN update is like an official Apple update for me.

I bought my $500 iPad just to use MN. However I didn’t know this wonderful app existed until last year. Partly because I was originally a Android & Windows user and didn’t own any Apple product, but even that considered, MN seriously lacks public awareness. Unlike overrated Goodnotes, which is installed on every Apple devices on store, MN is undervalued imo. Hope you guys top your previous success with MN 4.0

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