Import lots of pdf's with hundreds of annotations and markups to combine into one mind map note

I am a long time Mac and iPad user with >20 years developing experience, but feel really dumb doing this really simple thing - I want to use existing pdf’s with a lot of markups and annotations (e.g. from LiquidText and Devonthink) and work on them in a combined manner to see the annotations and add connections across multiple pdf docs.

I am trying on my Mac and my iPad since a complete day and read a whole lot of forum entries but always end up with either

  • all the docs in a mind map without any markups
  • all the docs with just some of them having markups
  • only one document but with all markups
  • sometime being asked if the annotations should be imported, sometimes I am not

Can anyone please give me guidance what exactly has to be done to get this task done? I love MarginNote and really want to make intense use of it, but am frustrated by the ongoing trial and error approach.


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Sorry about this issue. I will test the inconsistency of PDF imports here. If I can replicate your problem, I will forward it to the development team.

MarginNote now uses a proprietary highlighting system that is not compatible with other PDF readers. We are working towards finding a better solution that has better compatibility with other softwares. This is going to take some time, but we will address this issue in the future.

Kind Regards,
Support Team