Importing annotated doc into mindmap

Hi there,

So I download my research papers and import the PDFs into the document tab of MN and while I’m reading the paper I use the pen and text annotate tools to draw and markup the document.

Now that I am writing an essay I started a new mindmap in the study tab and under “manage” I selected the documents I want to reference.

My problem is that the papers I add into the mindmap no longer contain the annotated marks. How do I bring those marks into this particular mindmap??

Hello, Sharpsynth. there is no support to migrate the markup between different documents yet, your notes are stored in different document notebooks, the relationship between document-notebooks and mindmap-notebooks is strictly corresponding.


I have the same problem here. How can I get that black bar on the top of the screen? They disappear after I click any other options.

Hi, thanks for the reply but this is very frustrating, there needs to be a way that I can merge these documents together or all my work in study has been useless.