Importing PDF annotations

I’m sure in version 3 that if I imported a PDF with annotations added elsewhere then MN3 would offer to import them as MN3 annotations. Maybe I imagined it, or MN4 lost that feature, or I am missing something.

Anyone tried this or got it to work?

I just did a quick test in MN3 because I never saw this when I used it. If I import a PDF that has been annotated in DevonThink I can “three dot menu"→"import” and choose annotations but it’s truly funky and imports bitmaps that I then have to OCR.

As far as version 4, I went hunting and didn’t find anything.

The one function I do remember from 3, there was a way to add annotations (that were created in MN) that we not already cards to the mind map. I know I’ve seen it in 4 but I couldn’t find it again. The UI is so confounding in MN, I’ll get used to it eventually but until then it is an uphill battle.

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Thanks @happycatmachine there seems to be a lot missing in MN 4 so far :frowning: