Importing webpage: doesn’t import complete webpage

I’m trying to import webpages in the MN app for my iPad, using this instruction from your manual: “When selected, the MarginNote 3 built-in browser will pop up. When you find the web page you want to add, tap the Download icon in the center of the toolbar to download the web page. The downloaded pages will be automatically stored in the WebDownloads folder in the root directory.”

When I import a webpage, it only imports the section of the page visible on my screen — just like a screenshot works. However there is significantly more webpage visible in my browser were I to scroll down. How do I get the total webpage to import, not just the partial screenshot version?


This depends on the web page, different web page import effect may be different, the software is to take a similar screenshot of the way to store web pages. You can try to download in the safari browser as PDF to see if it is normal

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Support Team