Improve cloze when exporting to anki

Dear devs,

when I have multiple content in my cards (i.e. merged cards), the anki exported version shows first the content of the content I applied cloze on it, and latter the content without any cloze. This is because the anki cards have the content with cloze in the “ClozeFront/ClozeBack” part, and without in the “Front/Back”. The experience would be much better if you could manage to place everything in the cloze part of the Anki cards.


Hi, any reply on this?

Hi, we recommend you to try the custom template feature, where you can batch inject fields from the card into any field in anki.

Is there a tutorial that you recommend on how to create custom template feature?

For instance, how could do I place all of the text and figures to be on the the same anki field as the cloze data created by MN?

Hello, the tutorial is still being translated.

Do you have the link to the original tutorial?

I’m sorry, but there is only a video explanation available in Chinese.