Improve usability of Unadded Excerpts


Unadded Excerpts is a great idea so we can customize the Mindmap without creating extraneous notes, but it’s not very usable. If you have more than one or two, when you try to zoom out in the Unadded Excerpts window, the view shifts and excerpts disappear. When you move one to the mindmap, the mindmap shifts to somewhere, and it’s impossible to find the excerpt you just dragged.

Maybe a small Unadded Excerpts window (draggable lists) would work better. If the drag and drop to Mindmap can’t be improved, a simple menu item on the excerpt itself that says “Add to Mindmap” which drops it in the middle of the current view of the mind map would work great. It would also be great if Unadded Excerpts included the document name and headings somewhere on the card.

Hello, spunkmeyer,
Thanks for the information provided, and indeed many users encountered the same problem. But I’m sorry that it’s difficult for the developer to make such a big change.
To solve your problem, I’d like to introduce a really useful tip of hand-shape tool(Document excerpt and annotation related issues (Excerpt related)).

  1. Select text with hand-shape tool
  2. Press the selection and drag it to the outline or to the mindmap.

If you have some other questions, I’m here to help you.

Best regards,
MN Support Team

Thank you Bryan, that solves my problem. To make this work you have to turn off “Drag to excerpt with the hand shape tool” and the result is when you select the menu is shorter, but you get the long menu back when you tap on it again. I don’t really understand the purpose of this option.

As far as I can see you get more functionality (drag to mindmap) when the setting is off and you don’t lose anything. So why do we even have this option?

EDIT: Oh, if it’s on, you can drag on an existing selection and make another excerpt. Is that why it’s there?

Thanks for your reply. The option is only a preference for some users, if you think it’s useless, just turn it off.