Improved Handwriting

I have found that my handwriting is not as legible on Margin note as on some other apps. I would value an ability to “tweak” the stroke of my pens. Recently I began using an app called Write by Stylus Labs. (Though It has a lousy UI) it’s handwriting is astoundingly good. In fact I can not distinguish any difference between it and a regular pen. (It uses a vector system). Another app that similarly has a fantastic pen writing experience is called Endless Paper - great experience as far as handwriting. MarginNote - is somehow a lot of little extra tails on the ends of letters.



You can check out our latest update MarginNote 3.7 in which PencilKit is implemented for writing. Note that you will have to update to iPadOS 14 in order to use MarginNote 3.7 with pencilkit.

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Support Team