Improvements to Linking + Second Display Support


First and foremost, congratulations on crafting such a fantastic app and resource for anyone interested in improving how they learn and study.

So many of the small difficulties that exist within the app are there because there are SO MANY FEATURES! This is a great problem to have!

My personal recommendation/feature request is a rethink of how “links” work. As it stand now, when you create a link between two concepts you excerpt the link card and it is added at bottom of both notes. Generally speaking, this is fairly inflexible and creates a situations where sometimes the “link” you’re creating is not relevant to the note but useful background information on a specific term within it.

With that in mind, I’m proposing the use of a “hyperlink” style linking at the note linking level. You guys already have “Title Link” built in and I think that feature should just be expanded to be how you do links moving forward.

For example for a note about Streptococcus with some details about the endotoxin, I may want to link the word endotoxin to the note in question.

In regards to implementation, I think the way to do it without adding yet ANOTHER button to MarginNote would be to create a specific text arrangement a-la markdown that allows hyperlinking of a word back to a note ID. For example, click on the note you want to link, copy note ID/URL, go into the editor of the note you want to link and input the following “endotoxin [[noteid]]” and then the word endotoxin will be clickable and take you back to that note.

Definitely not the most elegant of solutions from a usability/discoverability perspective, but I’m sure power users would REJOICE at this addition. And, again, you guys already have this working with the Title Link!

Again, I greatly appreciate all the effort and development time you are putting into this application. It feels like LiquidText and Obsidian combined into a single resource! Honestly, aligning some of your development energies with the “high yield” features Obsidian is adding might just be a great way to think about how Margin Note evolves.

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