Improving Recall Mode

I have been using emphasis/recall mode for anatomy. Quite useful! However, if you type any personal comment, it does not get hidden in recall mode when you use the box method. It will get hidden with the highlighter though. See picture below (my personal comment “spinal” appears on top of the recall mode box, revealing a part of the answer). Any way to change this?

Also, it would be great if recall mode didn’t just reveal one highlight at a time. For example, every time I revealed an answer, it’ll keep that answer revealed; rather than hiding it again once I click the next highlight/box.

Hello, the emphasis masking of review cards in review mode is fully masked and fully displayed by default.

It’s not fully masked though. You can still see any handwriting or comment text you add. It’s not the same as flashcard cloze mode where it truly is masked. See picture below of me in recall mode and you can see the answers to the emphasized boxes.

Hello, my case does not reproduce what you describe. In what interface did you add the text box as well as the handwriting? Do you mask or place the text box first?

Not sure what you mean by interface. It doesn’t matter which order. I can write or type first, then add the box in EMPHASIS mode, and the text/handwriting will still appear in RECALL mode. The same happens if I were to write/type afterwards.

I don’t have this problem in flash card mode though. The cloze box will fully hide any written or typed text.

I have the latest version of MarginNote. But for as long as I’ve had marginnote (a year now), this has been an issue for me.

Hello, indeed as you say, it’s a layer issue, and currently it’s not possible to mask it like that in recall mode.
Your suggestion has been presented to the development team, but its adoption and implementation is still a matter for us to consider. If you need help, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.