Include Annotation Color in Export

Is there a way to customize the export template? How can I include the annotation color hash in a note when exporting annotations to DEVONthink?

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At present, it is not possible. Are you looking for similar plugins in the forum?

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Support Team

Same question.

How can we get highlighted color for MarginNote annotations to appear within DEVONthink Pro exports?

Frankly, I’m surprised this has NOT existed, but it is an essential feature for users – and I sure hope this can be rectified.

Just curious, but how do you use DT with MN?
I’ve once thought of using DT with MN by using DT as an indexing tool since MN lacks on indexing notes.

I’m still trying to figure it out, but I basically use DTP as a central repository for most of my files and data. I’ve exported MarginNote annotations into various formats, and then render them so they can work with Tinderbox, where I can synthesize and analyze the annotations in atomic bits. But I’m going to try rendering everything in Tinderbox – which will take a lot of work – in order to cut back on the complicated rendering process. As part of that workflow, I’m going to try to create a smoother interface between DTP and Tinderbox. I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but I know from some users that it’s attainable.

But…this is dependent on having @MarginNote include annotation color in its DTP export and having the @Support-Team actually interact with its users in a serious and productive way. Otherwise, it’s time to find another annotation app.