Inking takes way too much storage

So I have been using MN for about 2 weeks (free trial) (actually 1 weeks of extensive use) and I really like the app actually.
The app is pretty good in term of note taking and especially excerpt. There are still some features that need refinement such as flash card algorithm and a few here and there…
But those clearly don’t match what the title said, here comes the elephant in the room, the unparalleled storage used to save inking, as someone who use pen to draw mindmap and use MN’s core features as assistance (most of these are really good, keep up the work<3), this is a heartbreaking truth. To see how heartbreaking it is, here’s my situation. I only make like about 7 child mindmaps and that’s already 3gb worth of data (yes, even though I was note taking something worth half a semester, it is still way too much), compare to OneNote which I also use to draw mindmap, it would have just taken around 500 - 700MB or so. At this rate of note taking, I will run out of storage space after just a year (40gb left in disposal). So I really wish you guys have a good solution to this, and if it is already available and actually reducing the storage demand drastically, I would happy to give it a chance by buying it (hence my subscription ran out).


Thank you! This is a problem all of us share, and has been a huge impediment for us who want to continue work with MarginNote.

Many of us have raised archival - storage issues with them over several years, but they staff seems to indicate to us that it’s not a priority for them. I don’t know what else to do to impress this upon them.

MarginNote users have tried, as best they can, to work with @Support-Team and advance our concerns – especially since the untenable archival - storage size of MarginNote exports means we can’t keep using the app. I honestly don’t know what else to do.