Insert a single heading in a partial TOC

Not very unfrequently, notes/highlights made on pdfs and “Grouped (by table of contents)” are “grouped” under the wrong heading. I sometimes get the whole TOC first, and can move them to the proper heading. Yet when I’m just going to highlight some parts of the pdf, I just want the current hierarchy of heading to show up, which MN does. But, when this heading is wrong (see pic below with the first highlight made in a newly created MN) is there a way that I can select a heading and add it as such -not as another comment/highlight?

PD: there seems to be another similar question but when I clicked on it in " Your topic is similar to…" right panel the link opened a different question and the question I clicked on was replaced by another more unrelated five questions under the same right panel.

Ok, I’ve realized that the TOC in the outline are just titles of notes, so I can highlight a heading and then remove the note, or cut it and paste it as title.


Yeah, this is the current solution. We apologize that MarginNote struggles to tell the differences between different chapters when they are very close, we still haven't been able to fix this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,
Support Team