Insert Page Feature

Will it be possible to combine/merge existing imported documents or is this feature coming in the future? This would be an awesome feature if MN could achieve this.

Could you describe your exact scenario? That helps the programmers to better understand what you need.

  1. What document types? I‘d be happy with PDF but you might need something different.
  2. If PDF- do you just want to add one document at the end of another one or would you like to change the order of the pages in between (i.e. to group certain topics together)?
  1. Documents are PDF
  2. In a one study I have 7 PDF’s it would be nice to merge these PDF’s together, from the order I have them in the study.

So you’re looking for something like the native feature to merge PDF on Mac for after you have already done work in the documents?

I have a Ipad Mini only.

I want to combine the PDF’s then work on them.

If you haven’t worked on them yet, I would use a separate App to „prepare“ the PDFs for import first. PDF Expert does merging only in the Pro version, unfortunately but I‘m sure there are other apps that could help you out straight away. Someone else might be able to help with suggestions for good apps.

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I have already found a solution.

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FoxitPhantom and GoodReader are good solutions.

Insert Blank Page is a function of 3.4.x.

And about the combination of PDFs, I agree with Nils to use a separate App to „prepare“ the PDFs for import first.

Thanks for your advices.

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