Insists on starting with the same document

Rather than opening the document I was reading last, the app insists on opening one particular document every time I start it.

I tried to delete the document, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still starts with the same document, but as it is deleted, now opens a blank page and insists on calling that blank page the name of the document.


yes very irritating, specially when opening a very big mind map that takes alot of time to open on the ipad. maybe practical if open mn for the first time and want to start where you quit last day but not when you want to open a secon mn screen with other documents/maps.

altough its pretty easy to open other mindmaps through “search - all mind maps” function.

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Having the same problem on OS X version of MN3: app now obsessively starts up on the same document every time, despite that not being what was open when I last closed the app.

Is there a fix or at least a hack for this problem?



turn on
Under these two directories,
Delete the file "QReader.MarginStudyMac.plist".

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Support Team

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Perfect. Fixed, cheers.

Yep. Worked. Thanks!