iOS 14 handwriting

anyone tried iOS 14 at iPad ? ?
I haven’t tried and wanted to know if anyone tried handwriting experience and thoughts on margin note


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I had iOS 14 the hand write experience is amazing. Is totally independent of app and work like a new keyboard with iOS tools.

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Have you used MarginNote on iPad since installing iOS 14?

Yes I was using beta versions iOS 14. It’s beautiful especially writing comments or titles.
But It will be better I hope;

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Thanks! This is great to hear - I have been reluctant to upgrade to iOS 14. With luck others will also post their good experiences here!


Hello, we’ve been testing on iOS 14 for a few months now and many new features are already in development!


Wow, I do NOT recommend updating to iOS 14 if you plan to continue using MarginNote! I did the installation on my iPad Pro 11” and now I cannot select text in a PDF with any degree of precision at all. Completely useless for highlighting or excerpting - no matter how carefully I place my finger or Apple Pencil, more than 50% of the time I am unable to select what I need to select - I cannot control the start point of the selection, there are big gaps in a passage that remain unselected, and big chunks of text ABOVE the selected passage get selected - this stuff is nowhere near the stuff I’m trying to select. Just 100% unworkable and I will no longer be able to use MarginNote on the iPad until this is fixed - beware!

Interesting :thinking:
I am using ios 14 on iPad Pro 10.5
No problem I faced

I can say I have never had any such problems before the update. Things still work fine on my iPad Mini that is still on iOS 14.

Hello, do all PDFs look like this? Would you be so kind as to post a video explaining it? It’s normal here.