iOS deep/universal links?

Does MarginNote support deep or universal links on iOS? I track my workflow in Notion. I would like to be able to create a task list in Notion and then link back to documents in MarginNote 3 that I need to read and annotate.

For example, I can open a specific table in Airtable by using the uri “airtable://” and clicking on that link in iOS would open the airtable app.

Is there a uri in MarginNote that would allow me to open specific documents for reading or elements in a mind map?

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So - I halfway answered my own question. I do see at the notebook level, on MN3 desktop there is a menu command of “Copy notebook URL”, which provides a URI in the format of “marginnote3app://notebook/[UID pointing to notebook]”.

So - can we get the same kind of url copy directly to a document? I generally group multiple documents within the same notebook, so the notebook URL doesn’t quite accomplish what I’m trying to do from a task management standpoint.

Hello, the link to jump to the document is not supported at the moment. However, you can switch to document mode by clicking on the top right corner of the learning mode.

If you select a node, you can simply press cmd + shift + c or Edit > Copy note URL to create a deep link to that note.