iPad Pro (2018) use external USB-C display to playback video content fullscreen

Dear MarginNote team,

I recently discovered the video playback options and I think it is an amazing addition. :+1:
However the space with notes structured in the mind map, annotations and potentially other simultaneously opened documents in the document viewer it can feel very crammed on the iPad. Especially on the 11" iPad Pro.

With the release of the USB-C iPad Pro (2018) last year Apple also introduced capabilities to …

  • a) mirror the iPad’s screen onto a USB-C connected external display and
  • b) expand the display area to show specific content only on the external screen that does not require touch interaction. Hence the content on the display is different from what is shown on-screen on the iPad.
    Example: The latter option could be used by video editing apps for example. In that case the live preview of the final video would be shown in full screen 4K on the external display, while all controls remain on the iPad

In the case of MarginNote I propose that the video controls (timeline + thumbnails + speed control) remain on the iPad Pro in MarginNote’s document viewer. But the actual video is shown on the external screen full screen.

I often find myself watching video recordings of lectures or talks, where slides are either digitally overlayed over the video of the person talking (high production quality) or the projection screen is simply filmed (lower production quality with bad lighting and low contrast).

If the video is played back in the small space that the document viewer provides it is really hard to read details, especially with low production quality videos. I end up constantly resizing the document viewer in MarginNote to make out details. The external screen would really help.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Best regards


We already have the plan on this feature , thanks for your advice !

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