iPad Question (Not PC) —> Searching Dates with keywords in document search?

I’ve subscribed to the yearly OCR service, expecting it to enhance search functionality when searching for text in document’s, but I don’t think it helps with that, here is the issue:

  1. Keyword Search Limitations: I can search for terms like “bone degeneration,” but…

the system fails to yield results when I combine these terms with specific dates (e.g., Bone Degeneration, 2015). This forces me to sift through all documents manually to find ones from 2015, which is impractical with thousands of documents. Any way to search for words and dates??

Some Other Design Oversights I’ve Ran Into:

  1. Lack of Auto Dark Mode: The app doesn’t automatically switch between light and dark modes based on the iPad/iPhone’s system settings. I find myself having to manually adjust this constantly, which is inconvenient.

  2. Dark Mode Affects Images: Using dark mode alters the appearance of color images, making them look like x-rays, rendering them unusable for studying subjects like art or anatomy. The option supposed to fix this issue does not work.

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