iPad: Support secondary Screen

With iPadOS and the new iPad’s USB-C-connectors more people will start to think of iPad’s as their primary device and replace a MacBook with it. As a result, more and more people will be using an external monitor alongside the internal screen. Some apps already make use of this and allow a properly scaled second window instead of a mirrored screen to display here. It would be great if MarginNotes could add this as well.

Use cases: Display either the document or the Mindmap here to allow for more space for editing on the iPad.

Another Use could be having a note-taking app sich as Goodnotes on the primary screen; MarginNote as a small window in Multi-tasking just to have the full app run on the external monitor. With mouse-input it’s no problem to work on this screen.


This would be very helpful. The iThoughts mindmapping app does something similar, where the external display shows a zoomed out version of the mind-map, which follows the mindmap on the iPad’s screen.

This would really help with having a constant overview of the mindmap, especially when working with the mindmap and having the document and outline open at the same time. In this case, the mindmap is so small that it is hard to see where in the overall mindmap you are.

Here’s a screenshot from iThoughts:

When moving around on the iPad, the mindmap on the external monitor follows the focus.

This is different to simply mirroring the iPad display:
An expanded view of the mindmap is shown on the external monitor, and the centre of the view follows whatever is centred on the iPad - so panning left on the iPad causes the external monitor to pan left. Zoom also follows the iPad, so zooming in on the iPad causes the external monitor to zoom in.


I found a great Article (Link) on adding external Display Support to iOS-Apps. Apparently it is fairly simple to implement from a developer‘s side.

Thank you for your advice and technique documents! @Nils Thanks for your sample pic. , it will help our developer team understand the intention smoothly. @Jun And I’ve put this into our user’s demand list. Welcome for more executable suggests in forum,it really helps.

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There is „ready-made code“ on this site (link) that might be useful. It is linked in the previous article but the link isn’t working there.

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Great that this is being considered, Lanco.

To expand the idea above, of a MindMap appearing independently on the attached monitor, this would also enable the use case where the Outline+Document is visible on the iPad, and the user can see the context in the MindMap on the attached monitor.

Yes, we‘re trying this separately display.

Hi Jun,

I don’t have iPad to Display convertor. Cloud you please test if IpadOS cloud put the Split-window into secondary Screen like PC’s extended desktop. And how Multi-window works with secondary Display?

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Hey Lanco

I’m not sure how to enable this feature. I have the iPad plugged in to an external display but it still behaves as before (mirror screen).


Hi Jun,

Thanks very much for test. It seems that Apple doesn’t add this feature to IpadOS. But I guess it will be sooner or later added since Multi-window is born for this.

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There’s a preferences option that adds a menu bar to the top of the Mac screen - change from mirror to external display