iPadOS 16: is Marginnote 3 ready to support it?

Anyone here with iPadOS 16 installed on his iPad can tell me if he’s having any problems due to Apple’s new system update?

It works fine.

Hi Dissennatore14
Not yet…

I haven’t noticed any issues so far

I have been having a problem.
When I extract some text to create a note, and then try to edit said note (changing some of the text, changing font), the app crashes!
This has been happening when using stage manager, over ne over again. I also tried closing multiple apps in the background.
When I tried again with stage manager off, it worked.

I have problem while using mouse on ipad os16 MN3. The menu options after selecting a card/excerpt disappear even before selecting the desired option. For example to change the color of a card or excerpt.