Is iCloud sync down?

I’m using the Mac app, I have some documents inside a folder, and on my iPad I see the folder but the documents are not inside the folder. Is iCloud sync down at the moment?

I’m working across two Macs and two iOS devices and they all seem to be working fine. If iCloud sync was down it wouldn’t be marginnote’s issue, it would be Apple’s issue to resolve. All of my other apps seem to be fine with iCloud, those that use the kit and those that don’t seem to be working.


For each file in the folder, please ensure their iCloud sync is on.
(Click the … next to the name of file and turn iCloud sync on. There will be a :cloud: Button below the name of file once you turn on the sync.

Please wait some time for the upload and sync, especially for large scanned PDF files.

Very best
QSD - Support Team

Thank you @happycatmachine @QSD_Support-Team - looks like the sync is working now.

The problem might be a lack of feedback to the user: I don’t know if/when things are syncing. Two suggestions:

  1. Have some kind of indicator that appears when data is syncing
  2. Have a manual sync button, so we don’t have to wonder is the data is synced


If you want to sync manually, please click the ... on the left-down corner of Marginnote’s main page, then click ☁️ Cloud Sync (the top button). Here you can manually download anything you would like to sync, from document to notebook.

Hope this helps.

Very best
QSD - Support Team

Thank you. Question: do folders not sync?

Folders in my document list do sync for me.

What I do all the time—and I don’t know if it helps—is at the start and end of every session I go to the “…” menu and chooseiCloud Sync and just click through each tab until it reads “Database/Documents Synched”

It may be useless but I move between platforms very frequently and it’s always worked for me.

The reason I do this is because with other software I’ve run into conflicts. Doing this habitual “cloud sync” action gives me the reassurance that all is working as it should. Scrivener hasn’t always been so nice though it uses Dropbox. IThoughts and Pages have not behaved 100 percent either but errors are infrequent. Sometimes when I open a MarginNote project it shows me a previous map but within 2 seconds updates correctly. Or I’ll just close the project and immediately reopen it and it’s fine.