Is there a MarginNote Manual?

Dear Team, dear Forum,

I have MarginNote 3 on my iPad. I do have some videos and an article about MarginNote. The Help System provides info about the new features of MarginNote. But there is no user manual for MarginNote.

I tried to search the net, but there‘s only a broken link pointing to a document from 2016 (sic!) on the MarginNote webpage. An article in the net references a 144 page long manual…yet I cannot find it.

Are we supposed to try out how the system works? (Not sure if I have time for that…)

So, please… Anyone who can provide me with a user manual for MarginNote 3 on the iPad?

Many thanks,

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Hello, I actually recommend that you go to YouTube and look at the user-made videos that are more relevant to the user's experience

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Support Team