Is there a reason why the title can't be full width?

It is good that the document-related title font is constant size, but little annoying is that when I increase the size of the note in mind map the title doesn’t get the benefit of the additional width and instead is locked to a small box.
The screenshot below presents the situation in which the title gets wrapped to the small box size:

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 13.10.38

Is there a reason this work this way?
I’m guessing that this is happening to be able to attach notes (in the tile area, like “He model …” I’ve added). But why then do other notes/excerpts inside the document not use the space? For example “Results” note is pushed down instead of using the space near the top.

Another thing is that other notes like “Results” get their title font sizes resized when the window is resized. This is a little bit inconsistent behaviour, but I guess this might be a matter of taste.


Do you mean changing the note card size dimensions, especially when the note card becomes larger, leaving a lot of space in the title area?

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Yes, basically I’m asking why the the title can’t take the advantage of the full width.
which would display “eckhardt2008suppression” instead of “eckhardt2008suppres