Is there a way to sync mind-maps within a single device?

I use the study function to make mind maps for my classes, so I have a map for biochemistry, pathology, immunology, pharmacology etc. I would like to put all those maps together to form a master map (which will be massive but convenient to see where everything is in relation to each other).

my initial thought was to just copy and paste all the separate maps into one master map. the issue I’m worried about is that when I want to edit my maps I usually do it just thru the map for that individual subject, but if I do it this way then after each session of editing the mater map will be out of date w/r to the individual maps.

is there a way that I can have the changes I make to the individual maps sync up to that maps’ clone in the master map? basically an inter-map sync (all maps being on the same device).

the only work around I can think of at the moment is to have the master map but after a session of updating the individual maps I would copy and paste the new individual maps into the master map and delete the old clone maps from the master map. – I’m not very keen on this way of doing it bc theres 15 subjects I have maps for and in any given session I make minor edits and additions to 2/3 of my individual maps so going thru and copy/paste/delete for each of the individual maps each time seems like a hassle)

let me know what you all think or if you have any suggestions for how to make this scheme work!
Papi Gordo

Hello, papi_gordo. After a while, we will develop the JS interface in a subsequent release, when marginnote will support users to write their own relevant scripts to customize their own workflow. If you know javascript, perhaps you can write a script for batch merging mind-map, like anki’s plugin.