It has been a difficult process to purchase and upgrade and get the student discount

I have done everything required. But no response. I paid $51 AUD to upgrade the essential version to Pro so i can then upgrade to MN 3 … and paymnet has gone through - but I am still on Essential - when I go to Upgrade to PRO it says to restore purchase - which brings up a heading of MN Pro - but still looks and feels like the Essential version. When I close the window … I have to go through the whole process again. VERY FRUSTRATING. I have emailed you with the details of the university and no reply - so I had to purchase anyway and not very happy that I don’t even have the PRO version on top of that at a $50 AUD purchase.

Can I please be contacted on my email directly I would like : to

*try and get confirmation that I have the PRO version and do not have to keep restoring it …
*will it be ok to use in the meantime as i have a research project I need to start tomorrow.
*Please confirm you have my student ID and can adjust the payment with the education discount

sorry this if this is coming across with frustration but I have spent nearly 3 hours trying to sort this out.



Hi, what’s your E-mail? I will help you contact our Purchase Administrator. Let her reply your E-mail.

Thankyou … My personal email is

thankyou so much for helping me …

Hi Lanco -thankyou again … can you confirm that you recieved my emails concerning my purchase of MN 2 sent last night …the email was sent after the successful purchase of MN3.


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Hi Lanco - I am not sure if you saw my email yesterday … I have copied it below - I was wondering if you can assist me … there seems ot be confusion … if you could review the thread of the support emails.

Thanking you … I am very concerned that support will cut off my MN3 Edu licence - I am using it for a very important assignment …



Please do not change anything to do with my EDU purchase of MN3 - I am using it currently for a major research essay I need to submit to my university this week.

You may not understand what I am asking as I may be confusing you.

1, I am happy with my MN3 EDU discount offer and price and payment that went through yesterday - it is all working and all good. Please leave as is and DO NOT change.

  1. I had purchased ALSO yesterday - MN 2 - essential (USD 17.99) and Pro upgrade - ALSO yesterday ($27.99) which in total is $45.98. It did not work and I kept having to restore PRO in the purchases when I opened files.

  2. I am requesting that you refund me MN2 price of - the $45.98

4.I would not have needed to purchase MN2 if the edu code was sent when I requested and I had problems with the MN2 App that I paid for and downloaded before you helped me and sent me the details for MN3.

I hope this help clarifies …

Please confirm that you will not delete my MN3 Edu licence and that you can consider my request for the refund of the MN2 costs that I paid yesterday. I dont mind if I ended paying more for MN3 through the edu option that is fine - I just dont want to pay for MN2 which did not work for me. … I am very happy with the MN3 App.

I look forward to haring from you.




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Hi Louis,

Don’t worry. There is the time difference between Beijing and where you are. You will receive the reply from our Purchase Specialized Admin during office hours. And I will chase it for you.

Support Team

Thankyou Lanco … Is my request clear enough do you think ?

That is - to not alter anything on my MN3 and refund the MN2 that was purchased just before you sorted the edu licence for me.



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Yes, it’s clear. I’ve left your messages just now to my colleague who is in charge of this.