Keeping a merged child node as 'title' node

I use MN for medical school. say I have a map for a body system like neurology or cardiology, if I have a node for a disease the name of the disease is the ‘title’ node and the rest of the info in that tree is excerpted (couple of paragraphs = too long to be individual titles bc they get cut off). the issue im running into is if “disease X” is aka “ABC syndrome” ill make a title node for each of those names so that the “title link” feature will work across all my maps. but I don’t like the organization of having what appears to be 2 title nodes so ill merge the “ABC syndrome” node into “disease X” node but once its merged the “ABC syndrome” is no longer considered a ‘title’ node so it no longer registers with Title Link… am I doing something wrong here? is there a work around? is this just not currently possible and is a feature I need to request?

Hello, MarginNote3 doesn’t support secondary titles in cards yet, so you will lose titles after merging, if you want to keep these titles, you can try adding these secondary titles to card titles using “;” to interval.