Key binding for pen swap

When I write note using pencil, I change pencil a lot - from thin pen to thick pen - black to red - eraser to highlighter. And I can create new profile of pencil by click ‘clone’ button in the option of the profile. So you can fast change current pencil to desired one by touching on that profile icon. So I think It is nice If we have an option to be able to switch pen between those profile by keyboard - for example by number keys. So we can switch pen faster than clicking or touching. If you think that allocating large number of keys is not optimal for most use case, or If there is technical hardship, It is nice for me to have an option to switch pencil profile back and forth by keyboard at least.

ı think it is a interesting idea because when i use pencil i detach keyboard and vice versa. and while writing it is often the ipad is more laying on the ground.
how do u use apple pencil and keyboard in same scenario ?

I use pencil on Ipad which is on a stand. Because my neck hurts when I use it on ground for a very long time. So, yeah I rarely see any person using ipad like me. But I think you can also use keyboard when It’s laying on ground If you use bluetooth keyboard like me placing the keyboard at side, which like artist who usually use there left hand on keyboard or else like special dial or something. Also, the function i requested can be used by people who use graphical tablet on marginnote.

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