Keyboard Modifier for Drag Selection to MindMap

To speed up my flow, I want to be able to hold down the “Option” key as I drag cards onto each other to change between the “Add as child” and “Merge into”. I actually don’t mind what key it is. The “Option” key just makes sense to me on the mac since it acts similarly to the Finder as you drag files and hold down various key modifiers to change between copy/move/link.

For example, right now I have “Add as child” set for the “Drag Selection to MindMap” setting in the preferences. So, when I drag a card on top of each other, the cards are linked to each other with one being the child. I would like to hold down the “Option” key as I drag the card and have it be “Merge into”.

For someone who has the “Merge into” set, I can see this “Option” key to choose “Add as child” instead.

Thank you,


Hi, this is indeed a viable design and we will look into it.

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Support Team