Keyboard shortcut for "Edit Note Card"

Dear MarginNote Team,

Would it be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to start edit the notecard and close it? Now it is a multi click effort that is often used that can be captured in a single shortcut key combination.


Thank you for considering.

With Kind Regards,

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Every unnecessary click = losing willpower x 2 = losing user’s satisfaction

I am not using keyboard but; in mind map mode, there should be special easy access for Apple Pencil edltting/drawing into comment section too. I need at least “2” clicks for drawing something in mind map mode (with huge file this process slows down too), “3” clicks in document mode.

2 clicks in mind map comment draw;

3 click in document mode comment drawing

-Click on cards
-Click the edit button that opened with other buttons
-Click the draw button


  • succesive two tap
    -click the draw button

Especially for APPLE PENCİL users

I wish;
Editting/drawing panel should be opened with;

Just Two tap or
long press on cards with Apple Pencil :pencil2:

And maybe for inspiration @admin, @Support-Team can search for “pdf cabinet” app in App Store,

Maybe for next upgrade clicking confusion substitute with “only one” long press click like this screenshot from that app

Have a great work :jigsaw:

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll get back to the dev department about the shortcuts and pencil gestures.

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Thank you so much

Thank you for your effort. I love the product, hence my feedback for a FR.