Keyboard shortcut to toggle over used colors

It’s nice to have keyboard shortcuts for different colors, but it’s very likely that one will tend to use a limited palette in a notebook to help organizing.

So my idea is: Keep tract of the colors defined/used in the project and allow me to quickly toggle through them with some simple key combination.

I believe that individual keyboard shortcuts for different colors would then be unnecessary and valuable keyboard shortcut space would be released.
The workflow would be extremely simple, because you just define a color once and then go on without remembering anything new.

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Hi, you seem to want to lock excerpt color shortcuts.

Simply go to (Click “…” on the left down corner of main screen) Settings - (under READ&EXCERPT category) Excerpt - Lock excerpt color shortcuts on.

Please lock excerpt color shortcuts after you have set the color shortcuts to be those you want to use. Normally what appears in the shortcuts are the colors that you recently used.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

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QSD - Support Team

Thank you. Is this option per project or global?


This setting applies for all notebooks.
Basically everything in Setting is global.

For per-project settings, they are in two parts:

  • The mindmap settings: please open a project in study mode, and click “…” on the top left. Here you can customize your individual preferences for this particular project, like vertical map layout or title-only for the mindmap, or title-link for the project.
  • The excerpt settings, please click the gear-like button (:gear: with a window ahead of) at top in study mode/document mod. Here you can change auto-insertion position, auto OCR, etc.

Personally speaking, I would recommend you to use the same coloring system for your notebooks. I believe this will make the mindmap more efficient.

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QSD - Support Team

I’ve just checked this option, but it is not exactly what I needed although half of it is done!
It still necessary to click and wait for the popup to open.
When inserting a large number of excerpts it would be more efficient to just press some key combination to toggle through the locked palette.

Please consider this instead individual color keyboard shortcuts.


Sorry that I misinterpret your idea previously. Actually Marginnote 3 does have a shortcut for changing excerpt color.

See the third column

This screenshot comes from CheatSheet.

For instance, if you aim to change it to blue, just press Control + Option + Command +7.

However these shortcuts do not have anything to do with your recent excerpt colors. So maybe you could only memorize which number/letter stands for the color you want.

Hope this helps and you could get used to it.

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QSD - Support Team

I already know that - I wrote this in the original message…
What I’m proposing is different and I believe that you should forward this idea to someone who’s responsible for the big picture of how the app works (management) - Steve Jobs/Johny Ive of your company.

This is something that removes arbitrary design and can move your software to the next level, removing complexity, but improving workflows and usability.

I’m saying this as a software developer with +10y of experience who seriously considered developing an app like yours, but found yours to be nearly perfect. So I want you to succeed badly.


Just to check, is your idea sort of like:

Have a very convenient keyboard shortcut to switch among recent colors (like the four color appears in the popup menu?)

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QSD - Support Team

Not exactly and I think details matter a lot.

Currently you have a palette which can be locked and limited to 4 colors - as far as I understand.
This is not necessarily bad as presenting too many options in this handy popup could be confusing - enhancing this would be a different story.

What I propose is that if the palette is:

  1. Set/Locked you should give an easy way (keyboard shortcut on mac) to switch/toggle through this locked palette. The shortcut should not involve more than three keys, ideally just two.
    Perhaps CMD+Y, as it does nothing else currently?
  2. Not locked one could cycle through recently used or all colors (I’m not sure which would be better)

I guess that you’d like to mirror that functionality on iPad too.
I’m not an iPad user so I can’t advise on what too choose, but perhaps something like two finger double-tap?


I will forward this idea to our team. I personally believe this thought could streamline user’s work flow.

Meanwhile, if you have any other ideas about our software and would like to help us improve it, Marginnote now support third-party plugin development.
Relevant information can be found in

Developer Documentation:
Examples on our forum:

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