Lack of manual and tutorials

Am I the only new user that find MN hard to get into? I can see from other people online that it has all these great features and different ”views” or ways to use it, but I can’t find a concise source that tell me how to actually use it. And the promised manual it almost a year overdue to appear.

The included videos are far too short and only show of the features, without explanation of how to actually use them. The included “guide” is the kind of mindmap you would do after reading the manual. The cards or nodes or whatever the stuff to the left is called actually requires you to know the terms, which I as a new user does not.

I’m surprised how such a sleek and well developed product can be so utterly lacking in this regard.

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Agreed - this is probably one of the main complaints out there - there needs to be an up-to-date wiki for this product, and we’ve seen little to progress on this end. Marginnote is great for autodidact power users, but leaves the casual user hanging in terms of guidance.

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You may find a barely satisfying collection of manuals from English version official website.

Actually, since the developers are Chinese, you may find richer recourses from Chinese version official website but unfortunately you may read them via the help of Google translator extension.


Besides the rare and superficial English teaching videos you may have found on YouTube, here are a bunch of teaching videos from Marginnote Chinese users and you can select the ones with highest clicks. Although you cannot understand the speaking language, I hope the lively demo can still help you.

Welcome new to the forum!
Sorry for the trouble.

Since our resource Team is CN focused. As the admin of the MN Forum, I want to build a community-powered repository.

You will find the Site homepage and categories are optimizing currently. The knowledge of MN will be provided in ‘Workflows’ and divided into four parts: Wiki that edited by users,insights sharing (scenario, scripting), Questions from users & Answers provided by the team.

Although the related work is just beginning, I believe there will be many more tutorials in the next several months.

Support Team

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I am seriously thinking of getting this application but the paucity of documentation and online tutorials to get me started in using it is a real turn off.

Where are the tutorials?