Latest MN3 for Mac crashes on search

When I try to search sth - MN3 Crashes. The latest version, both Mac OS and MN3.

You probably need to provide a little more info, like the OS version.

MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
MN 3.3.4003
iMac 27 inch, Retina, late 2014

No problem on my macbook Pro, late 2013, the same OS.

On iMac:

  • it still hangs-up when I try to search sth, even after re-installation and cleaning temp storage

- the problem appeared after I put a web hyperlink into a search engine - see the printscreen below:

is it possible to make a clean uninstall of MN3? If yes: how to do it?



Does MN3 crash when you search plain text, or only when you paste a link into the search field?

Do we know that MN3 can search for links? What does the documentation say about this?

If this is a bug in MN3, re-installing probably won’t make any difference.

Before crash there were no problems with searching plain text.
After I searched a link - it kept crashing on every search.

Uninstall can help: it will unlock search of plain text.

Any idea how to make a clean MN3 uninstall?


I don’t have an answer for how to make a clean uninstall, sorry.

FWIW, I will mention that I’ve discovered MarginNote holds copies of PDFs and its notes database in ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data. If you’re having trouble uninstalling, it may be necessary to clean that directory (at your own risk, of course).